It is business as usual but with a new name. Shephard Dunphy has merged with BDO Wellington, effective from 3 April 2018. Iain Shephard and Jessica Kellow are available at the same contact details so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please visit BDO Business Recovery & Insolvency page for more information.

Liquidation, Receivership & Insolvency New Zealand

If you are a Stakeholder of a distressed business we can help to achieve the best possible outcome. We have helped thousands of companies like yours through court and voluntary liquidation NZ processes. We work hard to rescue companies in trouble and, where that is not possible, we do our best to make sure the formal liquidation or receivership process is swift, straightforward and positive. We are pragmatic and we determine the best course of action for all stakeholders.

We also specialise in receiverships and insolvency NZ processes in general. We offer our services throughout NZ with our main offices in Wellington and Auckland. Please feel free to browse through to our services page to see how we can help you.